If you’re a Canadian with a disability, you face unique financial challenges that most others don’t, especially if your disability prevents you from working, or requires expensive equipment or medical treatment. 

That’s why every province in the country offers its own set of disability benefit programs, to help supplement the income of those who can’t work or work fully due to a disability or illness. 

But what if those benefits aren’t enough to get you to the next AISH payment date? Life happens fast, and sometimes you need a little extra money to get through and emergency or weather something unexpected. If you’re wondering how to get approved for a loan while collecting disability benefits, keep reading. 

Can I get a loan while on disability?

The short answer is yes, you can get a loan while collecting disability benefits. The longer answer is it depends on what type of loan you’re seeking, the interest rates you’re willing to take on, and a few other factors. Let’s dive in and take a deeper look. 

How to get approved for a loan while on disability benefits in Alberta

Include other government income support that you receive

The good news is, the AISH monthly allowance and child tax credit are both considered income, which will help show your ability to repay the loan amount even if you’re not working. 

Use collateral

Also, with AISH, you can qualify for benefits even if you own assets like your residence or a vehicle, so you may want to consider using one of them as collateral on your loan application. Doing this greatly improves your chances of being approved. 

Apply with a co-signer

It also helps to get a co-signer for your loan application. This gives the lender more confidence and lowers their sense of risk, which can not only help with getting your application approved but lower your interest rates as well.

What loan options are available to someone on disability?

If you qualify for disability benefits it likely means you’re either not working at all, or not working very much. This can make it difficult to be approved for a loan, especially through a major bank or financial institution. 

AISH payday loans

Of course, almost anyone can successfully apply for a payday loan, even if you’re on disability and not working. But payday loans are extremely undesirable and should be avoided at all costs. Many payday lenders charge dangerous interest rates as high as 599%—a truly mind-boggling number. 

AISH installment loans

When you need fast cash to tide you over, your best option is to get a secured, short-term installment loan. Installment loans typically offer better interest rates and come with a monthly repayment plan, so budgeting is more straightforward.

Remember: An AISH Installment Loan is way cheaper than a payday loan, and you have longer to pay back.

Get approved for an AISH loan today

With Fresh Start Finance, you can get a personal loan of up to $15,000 to help with your unique medical needs while on disability benefits in Alberta. It takes just minutes to apply and less than 72 hours to get approved. At Fresh Start Finance, we’re here to deliver the financial assistance you need!

What dates are AISH payments deposited?

The payments are made at midnight on these dates for your benefit next month:

Payment Date Benefit Month
Tues, January 28, 2020 Feb-2020
Fri, February 28, 2020 Mar-2020
Wed, April 1, 2020 Apr-2020
Fri, May 1, 2020 May-2020
Mon, June 1, 2020 Jun-2020
Tues, June 30, 2020 Jul-2020
Tues, July 31, 2020 Aug-2020
Tues, September 1, 2020 Sep-2020
Thurs, October 1, 2020 Oct-2020
Fri, October 30, 2020 Nov-2020
Tue, December 1, 2020 Dec-2020
Thurs, December 31, 2020 Jan-2021