Sometimes you need money fast, really fast. Whether you've seen a bargain you just can't miss, have an unexpected emergency, or are just a bit short on rent this month, fast loans can keep your world turning and provide some much-needed breathing room. But when the banks are too slow and stringent, who can you turn to when you need money on the double? 

Let's examine our options...

Fast loans offer easy access to same-day funds

Traditionally, obtaining a loan requires making an appointment or waiting in line at your local bank. After all the paperwork is filled out, you could be waiting up to two weeks for the money to become accessible, and that's if you even get approved. 

If you don’t earn much money or have a low credit score, the chances are, your bank is not going to approve your application. 

But there is a way to get fast cash when you need it and skip the bank appointments altogether.

A "fast loan"—as seen advertised online—is a lump sum of cash that can be borrowed on short notice without the time-consuming hassle that’s common with traditional bank loans. This type of cash advance can be deposited into your account within 24 hours.

Need quick cash without the risks that come with payday loans? Skip the reading and apply for your e-transfer installment loan today!

What lenders offer fast loans?

Fast loans typically come from two forms: 

Unfortunately, there are predatory lenders out there and it can be hard to know what financial institution to trust. But there is a growing number of trusted online lenders where you can get the fast funds you need at a reasonable price.

Fresh Start Finance is one such example. We're faster than banks and far more affordable than a payday lender. We offer personal installment loans with reasonable interest rates and flexible repayment schedules.

With Fresh Start Finance, there's no application fees, maintenance fees, or hidden costs! 

The truth about payday loans

You see them on street corners and you see them online, but if you're thinking about working with a payday lender, be very cautious.

Touting their “Instant Payday Loans” and “Guaranteed Approval”, payday lenders take advantage of your need for quick cash and even offer tempting no credit check loans.

Be careful. Payday lenders may provide fast cash, but their sky-high interest rates (some are upwards of 400%!) and short repayment periods (around two weeks) can trap you in a cycle of debt that is difficult to break free from. 

Even if you have bad credit, there are better options out there when you need fast cash, and a personal installment loan could be the perfect solution when your cashflow needs an immediate boost!

Am I eligible for a fast cash loan?

You don't need a good credit score to get approved for a fast loan. There are just a few eligibility requirements if you want a fast cash advance in Canada.

These loan requirements include:

  • Being a resident of Canada with proof of identity & residency
  • Being over the age of 18
  • Having a bank account
  • Having proof of income

Can I get a fast cash loan with bad credit?

Searching for a fast loan can be stressful. And if you have bad credit, it can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be!

Trusted online lenders are starting to emerge with the technology to deliver fast personal loans to customers facing any credit situation.

Whether your credit is good, bad, or non-existent, Fresh Start Finance offers a simplified way to get quick cash. No more waiting for rejection at the bank or getting overcharged by payday lenders.

When you need easy access to fast cash, a personal installment loan from Fresh Start Finance is the right choice: 

  • All credit scores welcome: Whether you’re new to credit or have filed for bankruptcy, Fresh Start Finance approves loans for every credit rating.
  • Incredibly fast approvals & transfers: Funds are deposited into your bank account usually within 24 hours of applying.
  • Loans up to $15,000: Choose how much money you’d like to borrow and get approved for any amount between $600 to $15,000!
  • Simple application process: Apply online in minutes. Our application is open 24/7! You can also speak to a live representative by phone or text message.
  • Customizable repayment schedule: Avoid payday lender’s tight repayment timelines! With Fresh Start Finance, you decide how much to pay back every month. You can spread your payments out over 60 months if you want!
  • Full transparency: No application fees, maintenance charges, and hidden costs ever.
  • No appointment required: Online applications mean you’ll never have to wait in line at a bank or payday loan shop.
  • Safe & secure: State-of-the-art security technology means your data is under lock and key. 
  • Canadian: Fresh Start Finance is based in Vancouver and serves people across the country.

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