What is the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) program?

The Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability program provides income support for people with significant and enduring disabilities. 

Program benefits are split into three main components: 

  • Living Income: A fixed monthly amount ranging from $931 to $1,759. The Living Income covers your basic needs and offers flexibility by letting you choose how much to spend on housing, groceries, transportation, and other necessities. The amount is determined based on where you live and the number of people in your family with limits set for your rent or mortgage.
  • Disability Income: This $70 monthly benefit helps with costs related to your disability and can be used any way you like.
  • Exceptional Need Income: Additional support to help individuals under special circumstances. For example, you can receive extra money for things like maternity clothing, education expenses for children, grooming costs for service animals, home care services, moving costs, special food items, and more.

Other components of the SAID program include:

  • Utility Benefit: This monthly benefit takes care of your electricity, home heating, and water costs. Amounts are based on your family size and can range from $84 to $136 for electricity, $93 to $125 for home heating, and $50 to $74 for water.
  • Telephone Allowance: A $30 monthly benefit to help pay your phone bill.
  • Laundry Allowance: You can receive $10 to $25 per month for laundry services if you’re unable to do laundry or have no access to laundry facilities.
  • Modified Living Income: You may be given a Modified Living Income for a room rental or room and board. This monthly benefit can be put towards the cost of accommodation, food, clothing, and other personal needs. You can receive $805 as a single adult, $1,310 for two adults, and an additional $85 per child.
  • Personal Living Benefit: You’re eligible for this monthly benefit of $265 if you are in a hospital or live in a residential care facility such as a group home, approved private-service home, or treatment centre.
  • Northern Living Supplement: This benefit helps offset the high cost of living in northern Saskatchewan by giving each family member $50 per month. You’re eligible for this benefit if you live north of the 54th parallel and reside in Barthel, Cumberland House, or Pemmican Portage.

The amount of SAID benefits you can receive is calculated by adding up the benefits you qualify for and deducting your financial resources (i.e. income and non-exempt assets). For more details on SAID benefit amounts, please refer to the SAID benefit rate card

Am I eligible for disability benefits in Saskatchewan?

You’re eligible for SAID disability benefits if you:

  • are a Saskatchewan resident 
  • are 18 years or older
  • do not have the financial means to cover your basic needs
  • have a significant and enduring disability that greatly impacts your daily living activities and causes you to require support from another person, an assistive device, a service animal, a modified environment, or other accommodation

Keep in mind you’ll need to complete a Disability Impact Assessment as part of the application process. 

How do I apply for SAID disability benefits?

You can apply for the SAID program by:

  • calling the SAID inquiry line at 1-888-567-SAID (7243). If you have a hearing impairment, please call the Text Telephone (TTY) number at 1-866-995-0099.
  • visiting your nearest Ministry of Social Services office

Your Income Assistance Worker can help you apply for SAID if you have a disability and are already receiving Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP) or Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) benefits.

Look into the Disability Tax Credit too

If you’re applying to the SAID program, make sure to look into the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) as well. This non-refundable tax credit reduces your income tax if you have a disability or are a parent of a child with disabilities. By paying less income tax, you’re able to put more money towards living expenses and disability costs. There’s also a good chance you’re eligible for related programs if you qualify for DTC. Some of these programs include the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), Canada Workers Benefit (CWB), and Child Disability Benefit.

Can I get a loan while on disability?

Yes, you can. Just like people on ODSP, PWD BC, and AISH, some lenders do count SAID disability benefits as qualified income for a loan. Check out this article to learn more about SAID loan options and how to get approved for a loan today!